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Pierce Portocarrero, Creator of "Game Over" lands job at Virtual NBC

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

(watch Pierce Portocarrero’s Game Over)

NEW YORK (Real Life)
Pierce Portocarrero, the man behind the award winning machinima series “Game Over” has landed a job at Virtual NBC.

Portocarrero created Game Over in the online fantasy world Second Life. It didn’t take long for some execs at NBC to hire Portocarrero. After watching his seven minute film they gave him the chance to direct the pilot for a nine episode comedy series which is also set to be taking place within the confines of Second Life.

The plot for the new series is based upon a family which has been seperated geographically because the kids are off at different universities. The only time that the family begins to enjoy together is within second life.

The title of the new series is yet to be determined. And the new machinima based series which has been likened to a second life version of the simpsons is set to premiere within the confines of second life.

Xerak - Pixel Def: free 8bit chiptune album available for download for free

Monday, May 28th, 2007

(chomp chomp on some free chiptune)

The net label Da! Heard it Records has just given out a new set of 13 8 bit and techno punk madness available free for download from their website.

Xerak is a penetrating blend of Mutant Trash mixed with a bit of 8 bit techno madness. The new tracks are inspired by American and Japanese comic books, Pixel Art, Pop Art, and science fiction movies of the 1960s.

All 13 tracks are available for download absolutely free from the net labels website.

If you are a fan of ChipTune, or 8bit techno punk then I would highly recommend you try out this free download. Why pay for things when you get them for free?

From America’s Funniest Home Videos to Youtube

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

America’s Funniest Home Videos debuted in 1990, and with it came a new type of couch surfing voyeurism that has persisted to present day. A 1990 Newsday article noted that the show could be divided into eight categories: kids, weddings, falling down, adults, sports/hobbies, babies, birthday parties, and animals. Add in a little Bob Saget magic and you’ve got a recipe for some great low brow voyeurism. I don’t care how many times you see a three year old hit his dad in the balls with a baseball bat, it’s always funny.

The rise in people doing stupid things had less to do with a declining national IQ and more to do with the popularity and the availability of the video camera (cam corders as well called them back in the day). One of the strange revelations of the camcorder era was the fact that people will videotape just about anything they are doing. Uncle peewee is installing a new toilet? well break out the camcorder, that’s a moment worth capturing!

Looking back at the reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos (and weaker variations which included “Show me the Funny” and “America’s Funniest People” which was hosted by fellow Full Houser Dave Coulier and some hot chick) we can begin to see how absolutely lame we were for being transfixed on the seemingly normal mishaps of absolutely normal people. Within two years the reality tv meme would take another step, and create the first season of The Real World: New York. The American reality television voyeurs had taken a bite, and they like what they tasted. Within 7 years the Reality Bug would head overseas to the Netherlands where the first Big Brother program was filmed.

Now we are living in the Youtube era where we have an estimated 65000 new videos every day uploaded. Thats a lot of wedding disasters. Youtube made it absolutely possible to see exactly what people want to see, and I can guarantee the method of who comes out first every day is much more scientific than an applause meter. Sure you’ve got the standard tits, ass, motorcycle accidents, and the new phenomenon of actually decent web cam punditry. However, the thing that youtube can also do is make and break careers. From Don Imus and Ron Paul to Lonelygirl15 and smosh, nobody can escape the glare. All we need is a animated Bob Saget overdubbing himself as a puppy dog.