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Perfect follow up cartoon for “when geeks become cool, do jocks become nerds”

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

geek bully

MC Frontalot Music Video: You are likely to be eaten by a grue!!!1!

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

You are likely to be eaten by a grue music video from MC Frontalot

More free nerdcore hip hop from YT Cracker!

Friday, October 5th, 2007

free nerdcore hip hop
Pop on over to and download a new hot mixtape from YtCracker entitled Dirty Nerdy.

I also couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this huge collection of super hot nerdcore tracks neatly made available via Yt’s site.  This is the way it should be done.  Take note all of you out there that don’t even enable the download option on MySpace! Yt still gives tons of his tracks away for free, and he is still on top.  Respect.


8 bit bullshit. Free Nerdcore Hip Hop to Download

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

8 bit bullshit

Another great free nerdcore hip hop album available for free.  Nicely compressed into a .Rar file for your ease of sharing. Enjoy!!


Nerds Rule at the Bookstore

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Another article dealing with the rise of Nerds and Nerd Culture in America. This one spends time dissecting two different nerdy books.  David Anderegg’s Nerds: Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them (Tarcher/Penguin, Dec.) and Benjamin Nugent’s American Nerd: The Story of My People. 

This begs the question that as the world of nerdiness becomes more and more mainstream how will what it means to be a nerd change in the future.  We’ve seen the press go mad about the rise of nerdcore hip hop by featuring the same nerdcore musicians who are really safe like MC Frontalot, and now the rise of nerds in the cinema. But is anyone ready for a truly nerdy character? And what ever happened to the likes of YTCracker who released entire albums for free and even compressed them as a .RAR files. Is this no longer possible? I respect the frontrunners of nerdcore hip hop, the true visionaries are those who are many times rightfully getting the most press and attention today. Nerdcore happened for the same reason that traditional hip hop became popular. And this is why. It generally used a bunch of beats which were technically owned by someone else, and also gave a voice to a group of people who were traditionally marginalised.  Now, I know, I know, I am in no way comparing being an African American to being a Nerd, there are far too many complications to make such a wide statement.  However I am saying that the best Nerdcore Hip Hop was made with a sense of honesty and was made to speak to a small audience (on the internet) and it was free to download.  Once the rich suburbanites start wearing nerdy glasses, and buying original casio calculator watches on ebay, and then they will move on to the next fad, but where does that leave us? Those of us who are going to stay nerdy.  Are we going to let our music, and style of dress (of lack there of) just simply be co-opted by the mainstream. Because if we do, they will eat us up, and spit us right out as fast as they can.


heres the beginning of the article

Publishing may rank close to chemistry and molecular biology as one of the most nerd-friendly fields. The vocation tends to attract brainy types who may not have excelled at math and science in school, but reread books until their spines fell apart. Editors are rarely not reading books, whether on elevators, in supermarket lines, or even walking on the sidewalk. And they usually wear glasses. Hike up those pants, add a pocket protector, and… well, if it isn’t Alfred E. Newman.


C64 DTV Hacking

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

c64 dtv hacking

I keep getting traffic for people looking for ways to hack the C64 DTV unit so I decided to post some information for those of you out there looking for info about it. Since Im in Europe I have posted some hacks for the C64 Dtv Pal unit. Im not sure what google was thinking in leading so many people to my site looking for info on “how to hack the c64 dtv”, but I thought I would poke them in the right direction. It is a cool hack BTW, and I guess the great thing is that I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for the people searching for it:) Thanks guys!


Commadore 64 DTV Hacks and Cracks Commodore 64 Hack C64-DTV 30 in 1 Retro Game Console Gaming

Picodore - C64 DTV palmtop

Hack a Hummer Off Road Game into a Commodore 64

Picodore 64 - a Commodore PDA!

DTV64 Micro Tower

C64 DTV Hacking Checklist


When nerds become cool, do jocks become nerds?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

According to the Washington Post Americas is in the throes of a Nerdy revolution. Writing articles with titles such as “Geek Pride Blooms Into a Real World Subculture”. The trend of reporting about the rise of nerdcore is nothing new. The early adopters which are so saught after by marketing focus groups gave up the goods. And they told MTV, H and M, and Coca Cola that being nerdy is cool. The most difficult step is making the transition between visionaries (early adopters) and pragmatists (early majority). And currently the nerdcore revolution is hitting the early majority hard. In her latest article from the Washington Post, Ann Hornaday wrote

“This summer, teens ruled, especially teen boys. And not just teen boys, but teen boys at their pimpliest, stutteringest and downright geekiest. As Post reporter Anthony Faiola fearlessly reported from the pen-protected trenches in July, America is in the throes of a “nerdcore” movement, catered to in gearhead fetish fests like “Transformers,” celebrated in hit comedies like “Knocked Up” and “Superbad” and tenderly evoked in such modest sleepers as “Rocket Science.”

So the question is that since the mainstream has now embraced nerdiness, and in many instances cast beautiful actors and actresses in nerdy glasses, have the jocks become the new nerds ? These days everyone you talk to was “the biggest geek in high school” with people try to out geek each other talking about how they “used to play Dungeons and Dragons all the time” and were a total nerd because they took a few AP classes. Maybe they will stress their athletic inability as a gauge of their nerdiness. But I’m here to tell most of you who have stumbled onto this blog. you weren’t Nerds in high school, and you know it. Here’s why.

I never made the basketball team when I was in eighth grade, I played Dungeons and Dragons, I didn’t have a girlfriend (or even french kiss one) until I was 17, I loved art history, and I read Dragonlance novels in school, and guess what. I wasn’t a nerd. I was fairly popular, and this was 13 years ago in an ultraconservative midwestern town where being the football quarterback also meant that you would be homecoming king. Today as the internet begins to replace television, and alternative media begins to replace mainstream media. I’m saying to myself. Should I feel happy that the mainstream media is beginning to embrace nerdiness? As Douglas Rushkoff points out in his latest lecture “Why johnny Can’t Program” if these nerds posed any threat to the status quo, then they would never let them free.

This is one reason that here at I have always strove to highlight the individual, rather than the company. I’m more interested in a guy who made a garden which you can control via a robotic arm through the internet than a new game for the Wii (even though I think it’s a great console:). Nintendo is going to be ok without an extra shout out from my little blog. As nerdcore soaks farther and farther into mainstream culture, us early adopters and visionaries have to make sure that we highlight the culture and not the company, highlight insight and reflection of our own personal stories instead of doing the bidding of major corporations who want that extra free link to make their product go viral. It’s only a matter of time before we see space invader motifs on sweaters at Abercrombie and Fitch, and just as studded belts and punk has now become safe enough for christian fundies to use to promote Christ, Nerdcore will be used to sell seemingly iniquous products to make the same people rich. The beast has been unleashed and its only a matter of time before the popular girl from the rich suburbs starts talking about how she was a “total nerd”.

Let’s tell our own stories, and if those personal stories involve Atari Games and Dungeons and Dragons dice then they are ours to use! They are as much a part of us as the air we have breathed throughout the years. These corporation have rammed advertising down our throats for years, and then they are going to sue people for using imagery, or songs which they collectively tried to get us to remember? Fuck em. Fair Use has a Posse. Nerdcore is Dead - Long Live Nerdcore! From this point on I will never again publicize a company, or a movie, only individual artists who are reinterpreting the world around them and telling their own stories. If those stories involve nintendo games or star wars characters then these artists have the right to use these images.

The Atari 2600 turns thirty this month!

Monday, October 1st, 2007

atari 2600

The Atari 2600 came out in October of 1977.  Yes that’s right. It has already been 30 years!  Soon these old consoles will reach antique status.  The top games back in the day include hits such as PitFall, Joust, and Pole Position.  So heres to the first widely available and popular console. The Atari 2600!

“we make money not art” creates movies from surveillance camera footage.

Monday, October 1st, 2007

surveillance footage

A few artists from the collective “we make money, not art” have begun using surveillance images which are captured by their signal sniffer devices, and used as art. They have created a film entitled “The Duellists” which was shot using only a CCTV network of 160 caeras.  The soundtrack accompanying the film was created from the sounds and noises which were recorded during the performance.