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25 steps to a wordpress install made easy

November 3rd, 2007

I’ve had to install wordpress a few times now and I always seem to forget some step. So this last time I decided to just write down every step so I could easily do it in the future.  Maybe it will be helpful to others who are installing Wordpress for the first time.

1. Go to namecheap. (or where you have your domains registered)

2. “transfer DNS to webhost”

3. Type in dns address

4. go to (or where you have your hosting)

5. log in

6. AddWebsite/Ip

7. type in the website you want to add

8. hit next a few times

9. click home

10. click MySQL Manager

11. Add database

12. put in info for database name and stuff

13. open filezilla  (or whatever program you use to do FTP stuff)

14. double click website you’re adding WP to

15. drag wordpress folder to website folder

16. make sure all the new wp folders are in the root directory

17. make wp-config file (this doesn’t come with wordpress)

18. in the wordpress folder you’ve got a file called wp-config-sample.php

19. open it with vim (or whatever text editor you use)

20. input your database name/username/password/host info

21. save

22. in Filezilla drag the new wp-config-sample.php file into the root directory

23. after it is transfered. Rename it to be wp-config.php

24. In your browser go to

25. follow the directions provided.

Poof you’ve now got a wordpress install off of your own hosting:) Now start surfing for new themes.

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