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Download Earthbound Trilogy for Free

January 25th, 2007

Nykkyo Kyhana is a native of a planet formed when a future Earth space mission fell into a black hole and emerged thousands of years in the past. He finds himself on present-day Earth, sent on a mission to gather plants for his people’s food and fibre supplies. There he befriends Sukiko, a lecturer at the university where he is assigned. As their friendship blossoms into a deep love, Nyk learns she is his own distant ancestor, as well as an ancestor to the man who founded his world. He realizes his love for her risks disrupting future events and jeopardizes his own existence and that of his people.

Nyk blames himself for such a disruption when Sukiko attempts suicide. After intervening to save her life, he decides he must disengage from her, to prevent further interference. But, by now it is too late. Events have been set into motion and Nyk is compelled to intervene again on her behalf — or face temporal annihilation.

Seen exclusively through the eyes of a visitor from another world, Earthbound unfolds as Nyk’s journey of discovery, as he learns of his past, his purpose and finds the love of his life.


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