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Download Radiohead “in rainbows” for free

October 18th, 2007

So Radiohead has released their latest album “in rainbows” for free on the internet (well, they let people pay what they want for it, which is nice). However the site could be a bit easier to navigate, and its not linked from the main radiohead website for some reason. So here’s the fast track to the free radiohead download.

Go here

Click on “Order”

then for the price type in the amount you want to pay ( 0.00 is acceptable) then you will be put in line for the download. Pretty simple really. enjoy.

(UPDATE) Radiohead has just redirected to go to the in rainbows site. Good for them! Always good to see a cutting edge band realise that they should be happy with people pirating their album, and even happier with the fact that even though it is available for free, many fans are still willing to pay for it.

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