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Gonzalo Frasca

April 6th, 2007

Gonzalo Frasca is an academic researcher and commercial designer of video games. His weblog,, is an important publication for academic researchers studying video games (see ludology for more information). In addition, his Macromedia Shockwave-based game September 12th was one of the first notable political online games.

Frasca hails from Uruguay, where he established a videogame studio in Montevideo. In video game theory Frasca belongs to the group of so called “ludologists”, who consider video games to be simulations based on rules. They see video games as the first simulational media for the masses - which means a paradigm shift in media consumption and production.

Frasca’s game studies are evolved from the work of Espen J. Aarseth.

Beginning in December 2004, Frasca studies games at the Center for Computer Game Research at the IT University of Copenhagen

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