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March 18th, 2007

The ILL Clan is a machinima production team based in Brooklyn, New York City. The clan has produced a number of machinima shorts, as well as several live performances at film festivals, often interacting with the audience. Their work often makes heavy use of improvised dialogue. The team has featured in numerous articles in various media (mainly print. Perhaps their best known works are the films featuring their characters Lenny and Larry Lumberjack. More recently they have been commissioned to do short works for cable television channels, such as MTV2 and Spike TV. Their latest production is a series called Trash Talk with ILL Will.

The current members of the ILL Clan have recently joined the Electric Sheep Company, the world’s largest builder of virtual worlds, serving as their machinima division recording mostly in the virtual world of Second Life. Since joining ESC, the ILL Clan has produced a television promo for CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” which appeared on CBS during the Super Bowl XLI pre-game show. The company will retain their brand and IP, and continue producing original content including bringing their machinima talk-show, Tra5hTa1k to Second Life.


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