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Jana Bartouskova’s cute alien creatures

June 16th, 2007

Jana Bartouskova makes these really cute little aliens, and monsters. Unfortunately she dosn’t have a website where they can all be found. I wish she had a website where more of her items could be found, well, maybe I’ll have to make her one, considering that she’s my girlfriend:)

She made this hand with the severed for my friend who we forced to see Hostel. He wasn’t very impressed with the film, so she had to immortalise it in some way.

She made me this pacman pillow for an installation I did last year. I’m posting this because I want my female readers to know that they can send in their stuff as well. There is a lot of boyliness going on here at nerdarts and I like to see both sides. I really like a lot of the stuff going on at . So girls, feel free to send us your submissions as well!

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