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January 23rd, 2007

via nettime

It is, as the sinologist and computer poet John Cayley writes, “difficult
to say anything hard and fast in terms of more-or-less conventional
criticism about a site which is hardly ever the same on successive
visits.”{1} At the time of this writing, transferred
all its visitors to the download page of “Untitled Game”. The rest of
the web site could be found via World Wide Web search engines, pointing to
critical writing about which in turn pointed to its sections
hidden from the front page - or by using the pirate mirror of
on Thus undermining the
corporate identity contained in its catchy web address, requires
its readers to invest net-work on their own. This strategy of withdrawal
also reminds of Gnosticist writings from the late antiquity which, for a
long time, had only survived through citations in the writings of
Christian theologists who sought to refute them.

launch untitled-game

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