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March 17th, 2007

Lolling, a compound of lol and a word (generally a noun), are photos with humorous captions. They are a type of image macro, and are thus also referred to as cat macros. Lol_______ are created for the purpose of sharing them with others on imageboards (particularly 4chan) and other internet forums, especially on Saturdays (”Caturdays”).

Lol______ images consist of a photo with a caption characteristically formatted in a sans serif font such as Impact or Arial Black. The image is, on occasion, photoshopped for effect. The caption generally acts as a speech balloon encompassing a comment, or is a simple description of the depicted scene. The caption is intentionally written with deviations from standard English spelling and syntax featuring “strangely-conjugated verbs, but [a tendency] to converge to a new set of rules in spelling and grammar.” These altered rules of English have been referred to as a type of pidgin or baby talk. The text is frequently in the form of a snowclone parodying the grammar-poor slang stereotypically attributed to users of the America Online service.

Lol_____ are similar to other animal-based image macros, such as the O RLY? owl and captioned pictures of walruses (lolruses), elephant seals, dogs, hamsters, birds, and rabbits. Various deviations of Lol______ have appeared as well, such as Rofl_____. The format is popular enough to have spread to United States Presidents, spawning sites such as and

While lolcat language is very difficult to place absolute rules on, some language patterns seem to be constant:

* “Have” becomes “has”
* Any soft U becomes “oo”
* “O”s can be changed to Zeros
* “You” becomes “U”
* “Are” becomes “R” or “Be” or “Is”
* Words that are or could be abbreviated in some circumstances become one misspelled word. (”We are” is changed to “We is” then finally becomes “Weez”)

Lolcat language is largely based on phonetically spelling words as incorrectly as possible while leaving them readable










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