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Manhunt 2 banned in the UK

June 23rd, 2007

Watch Trailer for Manhunt 2
“But the problem is not with the games, films and music that replicate and fetishize violence, it’s at the core of the common modern condition. Excessively violent societies are caused by apathy, by a political system that discourages action and involvement, by a post-Thatcherite asocial attitude that says there are no ties between you and the people you live near and interact with, by schools that, with under-funding and a weary workforce, cannot instill a sense of shared values in their students, by the slow destruction of the family unit, by over-worked and complacent parents, by a empty consumerist ideology that says everything’s a commodity and you don’t have to actually believe in anything anymore, by a high availability of guns and other weapons, by economic deprivation and social immobility that force the use of gangs and violence to get ahead in life. This is a culture that often breeds alienated, apathetic, bored individuals, with few values and litte respect for those around them.”
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