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More anti-internet rhetoric from media-fundamentalist Andrew Keen

June 17th, 2007

Andrew Keen is an opportunistic pig.

“My problem with (web 2.0/the internet) is that it fundamentally undermines mainstream media”
Andrew Keen

I won’t go into all the reasons why you should hate this piece of human waste, however one of the most troubling is that I believe he saw an oppurtunity to write a book which would inevitably be championed by the mainstream media, and therefore make him a lot of money. On top of this he is a huge hypocrite because he rails against cynicism, when in fact what he is actually doing is using gullible mainstream journalists to sell his idea. He’s a great marketer, but he’s working for the dark side…:)

Here’s his latest diatribe against the current state of the internet. From NPR.

I also just bought heehee:) any ideas what I should do with it?? Leave me a comment with your ideas.

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