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Nerd Shopping: Hunting for Nerd-Wares

October 26th, 2007


Nerd Shopping: Hunting for Nerd-Wares

A post appeared on BoingBoing a few weeks ago about a neat 8-bit tie available for purchase online. Although it certainly is both geeky and nifty, finding a product engineered to appeal to the nerd doesn’t feel as rewarding as finding a gem in the rough.

Thrift stores attract various types of people. An interesting study could be done on how cheap used items attract people who truly span the gamut. You’ll find both low income families trying to get by and college students looking for retro items at your local Goodwill. I guess I’m more of the latter.

Last week I was playing a board game called Betrayal in the House on the Hill, it’s pretty fun and it got me back into desktop games somewhat. Before I knew it, I found myself browsing ebay looking for an out of print box set of Necromunda. While reading about the game on one of my favorite sites and certainly the most complete boardgame site on the internet BoardGameGeek (, I noticed a game called Talisman, which was first made by Games Workshop 25 years ago and still maintaines a loyal following. With this in mind Games Workshop decided to release a 4th edition of the game this month.

And so I’m browsing the local Goodwill and notice their board game section. It’s full of scrabble, monopoly, even some bible quiz game… nothing that interests me. And then a box with an elf and dragon catches my eye. I turn it over and start reading the description. It reads a lot like the description of a game I read about recently. I flip the box back over and then realize what I have found. It reads “Talisman: The Magical Quest Game”. It’s in perfect condition, even with the old school games workshop logo on it. Except this is the first edition from 1983, which is quite rare. I spaz out in the store from both the incredible coincidence and the incredible find. And I feel a bit guilty as I pay the asking price of $3.

I’m not sure if I’m going to ebay it, but I will certainly play a few games and enjoy it like a fine wine.

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