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November 30th, 2007

nerdcore calendar

So this is the girl from the new Nerdcore Calendar, and I’m thinking. Ummmm. What makes this girl appear intelligent or the least bit nerdy. I know that porn is supposed to live within the world of fantasy. But sorry this new photo set just seems like bland old rehashed naked girlie photos. So I thought, hey maybe this girl was part of the team that developed askimet, or works for Cnet or something so I googled her name. Well, I found out that she’s Karlie Montana, just another standard porn actress. So, the reason I’m bringing this up is that it seems to point to a larger trend of Nerdcore being co opted by the mainstream and morphed into something that doesn’t exist. Kind of how Punk started as a true rebellion and then turned into studded belts available at Wal Mart. For a real nerdy girl who made her own site, runs linux, and is actually interesting you can go to I have my money on Anna when it comes to a mean game of scrabble or jeopardy :)

via G4TV

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