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June 22nd, 2007

Nerd pride
BY SONYA SORICH - Staff Writer –

NERD ALERT: Nerds have gone from reviled to revered in today’s culture, and one group at CSU is seizing the moment

Nerds are the new rock stars.

Or at least they’re treated like rock stars, maintains 21-year-old Samantha Lee Wallace of Columbus, whose boyfriend Matt Ballard is the founder and president of Campus Nerds at Columbus State University.

“People like the underdog because they are enjoyable to watch and nerds are by their very definition the underdogs,” Wallace said.

She added, “They (nerds) aren’t often the beautiful people or the ones with the most social graces, but they are who they are. They don’t hide.”

In Ballard’s company, Wallace has watched Campus Nerds grow from its beginning stages last September to a 100-member club that recently was named CSU’s organization of the year.

Ballard said a growing emphasis on nerd power has changed his social life dramatically. In March, his group hosted the first-ever NerdaCon, a local event that drew 1,300 attendees.

“I never grew up being popular and now my reputation precedes me,” Ballard, 22, said.

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