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March 15th, 2007

Northwest Nerdcore was founded in December 2006 by Nerdcore Hip Hop Artists MC Tanuki & TG_2005.

Our Mission is to promote Nerdcore artists from or in the Pacific Northwest through our podcast, shows, and evil things we dare not speak of, lest a genetically modified monkey try to kidnap our children as payment for unsaid evil deeds.

We have, since inception, managed to hold at least one show a month, with a goal of one show a week. Also covered by us have been shows by Optimus Rhyme, Beefy, The Goondocks, and even MC Frontalot. Harnessing the power of the internet we have managed to offer nerdcore related content when we arent bookin/promoting/performing shows.

Feel free to contact us by leaving a comment with your name and email address, or hit us up on myspace.

Umm, why are you still reading this.

Oh, contact us via our myspace:

You good now? NO CANOLA OIL FOR YOU, now leave me be. I have class in 5 hours.
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