Suggest a Painting

Hey all. I'm starting a new project where people tell me what to paint. That's it. Pretty simple really. In the “ideas” box below write in what you want me to paint. I will then mash up your ideas with a few other people. I'm planning on doing a painting a day for the month of november which will all be based off of what you all tell me to paint. It can be stupid, it can be pornographic, it can be nerdy, personal, whatever. Your ideas are your own, but just know that with every painting I post on my blog I would like to also provide a link to the profiles of the people who gave me the ideas:) The idea is not only for your ideas to go through the filter of my brain and onto canvas, but also provide a link to your site so viewers can also see where the idea came from. To see the first paintings in the series go to

Looking forward to see what you come up with,

— Jeremiah Palecek

PS: I won't do portraits of you, your stuff, or any of your animals. :) (nice try) However if you want to suggest a famous character (or convince me that in fact you are a famous character) that is fine.