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Two Chipmusic is dead compilations!

November 28th, 2007

Gainlad Chip Music is Dead coverChiptorrent Chip Music is Dead cover

August 31, 2007, Ignatz posted a manifesto called “Chip music is Dead” on the LSDj mailing list. The message and the intense discussions following it can be observed here. After a while, someone got the idea to make a compilation with just that theme, “chip music is dead”. And because of some confusion or something, there are now not one, but two compilations on the theme.

The first one is was compiled by Ignatz and released on his own netlabel, Gainlad. It contains tracks from several of the oldies from the LSDj wave of chip music. In fact the album appears to be dominated by Gameboy music made with LSDj. Most of the tracks that are not made with LSDj seems to be made either with another chip, or pigggytracker. And as always, Bud Melvin’s track is an LSDj track accompanied by his banjo.

The other release marks the start of the new netlabel chiptorrent. As the name suggests, the idea is to distribute chip music with the bittorrent protocol. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, the torrent is not seeded, so I can’t give any form of review of i right now, but judging from the people on the compilation I think it will be good. Notably, the name flashbob appears twice, making him the only artist participting on both compilations. Also notable, the cover of the chiptorrent compilation says “Music is dead”, which is a possible pun on Ignatz’ manifesto.

The 20 tracks on the two compilations shows what I always knew: The chip scene is alive and kicking!

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