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YouTube McDonalds advertisement

July 12th, 2007

A McDonalds youtube video has recently got some mainstream media attention (which has potentially made it 100 of times more valuable). The video shows two suburbanites beatboxing and rapping into a McDonalds drive through window. The video currently has just under 8 million views on YouTube. So my question is this, how much is this video worth (if a marketing company were simply to pay for results based upon views) and what does it mean that over 8 million people chose to watch this advertisement (many not knowing they were even seeing an ad which is always more expensive in itself). Places like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and the rest of the web 2.0 places are ripe for the taking, yet most major media hasn’t caught on to the idea of internet marketing. It will be interesting to see what YouTube looks like in five years. I imagine it will look something like PornoTube where top spots, links, and everything else is paid for. And most people won’t care because, well, shit, it’s obvious they don’t mind watching commercials anyway.

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